Visit a Museum Near Siesta Key on a Rainy Day

Is a rainy day keep you from enjoying the beaches in Siesta Key? Fear not! The Key has so many excellent museums for you and your family to attend, so there are plenty of options to keep yourself entertained during the rainy days on the island. Plus, you can get there in an instant from any of our Siesta Key condos.

Entrance to the south florida museum

South Florida Museum

Looking to learn more about the history behind Siesta Key? The South Florida Museum is a great way to learn about the scientific and cultural makeup of the area. There are four exhibits currently for people to peruse: The Mosaic Backyard Universe, the permanent exhibitions on the first floor, the second floor of legacy gallery exhibitions, and the special temporary exhibitions. 

The temporary exhibition includes the Myakka River exhibition, showcasing the ultra-white sandy beaches and the magnificent sunsets that have defined the region. The large-format photography exhibit, taken by renowned photographer Clyde Butcher, is a hit for all those who step foot into the gallery. 

Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum is home to one of the most pertinent art and cultural hubs of Siesta Key, with origins beginning almost a century ago and overseeing the likes of many great installations. The Ringling offers many contemporary artists opening exhibits to be showcased for an opening night gala. It is a great way for new artists to get their feet wet and to showcase their work to a larger audience. If you are looking to view local emerging talent from Siesta Key, The Ringling Museum is an excellent choice. 

the front of a classic car

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Looking to see some classic cars on your trip? The Sarasota Classic Car Museum is right up your alley. Currently, at the museum, they are holding the classic Porsche car exhibit and the Ferrari exhibit. With these exhibits running from the end of February to the beginning of May, there is plenty of time to catch these fantastic galleries. The Sarasota Classic Car Museum also has many events they host throughout the year, including a variety of concert series featuring the likes of Billy Joel and Jimmy Mazz.

For a museum experience that doubles as a great night out, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum is an excellent time for all. 

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Sarasota Art Museum

The Sarasota Art Museum is an excellent high-brow art experience for all of those who come to Siesta Key. Current galleries include the Vik Muniz paintings exhibit, the Color Theory exhibit, and the Marcy and Michael exhibit titled “Zen Jail.” With so much to choose from, there is a gallery that suits anyone’s taste. 

Locals keep coming back for the “Force Field” exhibit by Jan Schmidt. The kaleidoscopic hard edge painting creates a rhythmic harmony that carries throughout the entire gallery. If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating gallery experience in Siesta Key, the Sarasota Art Museum is an essential experience.

view of the salvador dali museum

Salvador Dali Museum

Lastly, there is the Salvador Dali Museum. This museum encompasses the life and work of the famous painter Salvador Dali. With everything from historical galleries covering the artist’s life and family to the galleries highlighting his classic works, the Dali Art Museum is an all-encompassing experience for all those who visit. 

Siesta Key’s museums truly offer something for everyone, from classic car exhibits to local artwork, high-end galleries, and artists’ exhibits. If you get hit by a shower and need things to do in Siesta Key on a rainy day, you don’t have to worry! Siesta Key has many excellent galleries for you to experience, just down the road from our Siesta Key condo rentals.