Where Can You Find the Best Coffee in Siesta Key?

Looking for excellent coffee while on vacation? Siesta Key has plenty of excellent coffee houses for you to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re looking for a great start to your morning or a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, you can find it just down the street! From long term staples to new players in the game, there are plenty of coffee options for you to try out while on vacation in Siesta Key. Here are three of our favorite spots near our Siesta Key condos!

espresso machine

LeLu Coffee Lounge

The LeLu Coffee Lounge, located at 5251 Ocean Boulevard, serves excellent espresso drinks. From americanos to mochas, cortados, and cappuccinos, there is nothing The LeLu Coffee Lounge cannot create for you. Looking for something cooler to drink? The LeLu Coffee Lounge also specializes in a variety of smoothie drinks to satisfy your cravings. With everything from an Island Colada to Mango Passion or even a strawberry smoothie, there is a smoothie for you. 

Looking for something to eat with your coffee? The LeLu Coffee Lounge has a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan snacks for you to try out. Many come to LeLu Coffee for their famous carrot cake, a signature recipe that is top secret to this very day. With delicious coffees and smoothies to pair with excellent homemade goods, The LeLu Coffee Lounge is an excellent stop for anyone who loves coffee.

The Clever Cup

The Clever Cup was founded in 2016 by two friends, Tracy and Heather, with the intention of creating and selling the best coffee in Siesta Key. The Clever Cup prides itself on keeping things local by sourcing all of their roasted beans from the area and gathering all of their food and baked goods from a myriad of local bakeries. On the coffee side of things, The Clever Cup has a plethora of light, medium, and dark roasts for you to sample. The Clever Cup also specializes in expresso drinks like the flat white, the cortado, and the cafe leche, as well as iced drinks like their iced coffee, cold brew, iced expresso, and an iced Americano. 

Looking for something to eat? The Clever Cup features all sorts of sandwiches for you to try. From the classic turkey and cheese to the pesto and cheese rosemary, there is something to satisfy any craving. For a delicious coffee experience that also supports the local economy, The Clever Cup is a must stop before heading to the beaches in Siesta Key.

women holding cups of coffee

Bean Coffeehouse

The Bean Coffeehouse is known by locals to be one of the top Siesta Key coffee shops. Apart from having exceptional coffee, their menu has tons of wonderful food options available as well. Try the lox and cream cheese, the BLT, or the Siesta Turkey sandwich! There are plenty of great lunch options for everyone coming to the Bean Coffeehouse. 

The Bean Coffeehouse has many specialty teas for you to try out also, and you can’t miss out on the signature Americano that keeps locals coming back. They also have a beautiful outdoor seating area for enjoying your coffee in the Siesta Key weather.

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If you are looking for a classic espresso drink, The Bean Coffeehouse is an excellent spot for you. 

With the LeLu Coffee Lounge, The Clever Cup, and the Bean Coffeehouse, Siesta Key has plenty of excellent coffee experiences for you. You and your travel partners will never have to worry about not having a good cup of coffee to pair with an excellent lunch option. Best of all, they’re each just minute from our condos on Siesta Key beach! Contact us today to learn more about these cafes and to browse our rental options.